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Pan-China Fastening System Co., Ltd.

Rolled PipesThread Nipples

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1). Increased Resistance to Leakage.
Much better surface roughness on thread and 100% perfect thread tooth profile at full length of the thread greatly improve the matching between male and female threads, which reduces leakage possibilities with lathe cut nipples.

Zinc coatings remain intact plays “hard metal sealant” role in enhancing mating of male and female threads, together with traditional “soft tape” sealant.

Stronger mechanical property gives much more reliable and safety connection during vibration of the piping system, like earthquake.
2). Increased Rust Protection & Increase Durability.
Thread rust resistance is greatly increased with Rolled Thread Technology.
Original zinc coatings are not "cut away" as with lathe cut nipples.
Rolled (compressed-formed) thread increases the density of the thread tooth.
Original zinc coatings remain intact with higher density of Rolled Thread Nipples, no doubt, increases its life, strength and durability.

3). Safety and Improved Earthquake-Resistant strength.
Heat generated by lathe cut threads along with tooling, cuts and tears at the metal, diminishing the pipes original strength.
Rolled Thread Technology adds strength to the metal product.
Increasing Bending Strength, Increases Tensile Strength, Increases Surface Hardness.
It is stronger than the original pipe itself.

Lathe cut threads tear at the bottom of the "v" grove and vary with tooling wear.
Rolled Thread Technology produces a uniform thread formation adding 40% - 60% to the thread groove, adding strength and eliminating loose fit, sediment buildup at starter threads, drift and lateral displacement of the piping under stress.
4). High Quality at Low Cost.
CPK ( Complex Process Capability Index ) values of rolled threads are greatly increased. 

Lower Labor costs to install:

* Reduced friction decreases installation time and call backs to re-tighten.
* Zinc coatings remain intact during threading offering greater, long term protection.

Pipe sealant and tape requirements are reduced greatly on different size pipe connection.

5). Increased Working Pressures.

PCFS (Chi-Thread) Rolled Thread Nipples offer increased working pressures within pipe network.  Rolled thread of the pipe is, at least, as strong as the pipe itself.

6). Environmentally Friendly.

Unlike Waste bi-products produced by antiquated thread cutting machinery, Rolled thread machinery produces no shavings, scrap waste.  Waste thread cutting fluids produced by thread cutting machinery are eliminated with Rolled Thread Technology. 

Global benefits of Rolled Thread Technology will mirror increased working pressure capabilities.
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