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Damisol@3041-2 HIR/300


3041-2 HIR/300

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HIR/300 Damisol@3041-2
Of highly reactive resin dipping
Of grade H
The mechanical properties of excellent and durable
Of high toughness
Company passed UL certification (certification number: E98511)
The two groups of high temperature resistant, light yellow transparent unsaturated polyester resin, with Damidil 9117 as the reactive diluent, thermal crosslinking with H
Durable high temperature resistance.
H UL level, authentication number: E98511.
This product is a two-component product, need to use 1% Damicat 9006, namely the resin products 20kg need to be equipped with 200g 9006.
The viscosity of the product is 100mPas, but the series products are 100mPas and 700mPas viscosity products.
The machine is suitable for the coil, especially for the motor and the stator coil with high mechanical strength, and it can be dipped, rolled and continuous.
With 1% of the 9006, the reaction activity increased, the crosslinking process becomes short; if the ratio to 2%, can accelerate the crosslinking process.
With 1% Damicat 9006 HIR 3041-2 products can be used for any automatic or manual drop leaching equipment. According to different
Type of motor to select resin parameters and viscosity. HIR 3041-2 series is now available in 100mPas, 300mPas and 700mPas
Three viscosity specifications in order to avoid user dilution adjustment and the risk of operating errors.
For fine wires it is difficult to penetrate, 9117 can be used to dilute the required low viscosity.
Crosslinking process: Copper test, 130oC 15-30 minutes, 150oC minutes 15.
The resin can be improved by increasing the catalyst content (2%) in order to accelerate the crosslinking process.
The resin should avoid contamination, and be placed in the environment of "25oC".
As is stored in large tanks, must regularly test the viscosity change.
After the mixed catalyst, 3041-HIR Damisol products can be 23oC conditions at least stable for a week.
200kg barrel
storage environment
When the two components HIR 3041-2 products are stored in a closed container, the effective period is up to 9 months (23oC) or 12 months.
Such as storage tank, it is recommended to keep in dry air at standard atmospheric pressure; at the same time, suggest tanks do not put full, the
Up to 70% of capacity.
From time to time, mixing the resin, the oxygen will penetrate into the resin, so as to improve the validity period.
health and safety
Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Operate in a ventilated environment and keep away from fire.
Product data
Physical performance unit data reference standard
Shore D hardness 88 ISO 868
The flash point of oC = 32
Viscosity (Brookfield, 23oC) mPas 300 + 50
Gel time (120oC) Mn 2 ~ 4
Mechanical properties
Bond strength (23oC) daN 34 IEC 1033
Bond strength (130oC) daN 23 IEC 1033
Bond strength (155oC) daN 17 IEC 1033
Bond strength (180oC) daN 15 IEC 1033
Chemical properties
Water absorption (7 days 23oC)% less than or equal to 0.66 ISO 62
Chemical resistance (2% NaOH)% 0.19 ISO 175
Chemical resistance (10% HCl)% 0.24 ISO 175
Electrical properties
The insulation strength (50% R.H, 23oC) kV/mm = 120 DIN 46448 / VDE 0360


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