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Explosive Detector - narcotics detector, bomb detector, drug detector


ModelST889A explosives/bomb and drug detector

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Explosive and drug detector


explosives and narcotics trace detector


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SOTUEmodelST889A hand-held explosives and drug detector, IED bomb detector

ModelST889A explosives and drug detector is widely used in counter-terrorism and detection narcotics in order to trace, inspect, identify and find explosives and make policemen trace and find drugs.
It can obtain the advantages of on-site evidence. It is widely used in customhouse, postal services, airports, stations, border, ports and so on to check and identify suspicious items, and also used in confidential unit, security departments and other public places for the inspection and identification of suspicious items. ModelST889A detector can detect and identify narcotics, explosives and IED bombs, can also trace and find narcotics, explosives and IED bombs.
ModelST889A detector can trace, identify, detect and find explosives and drugs for police. 
It has a built-in SD memory card and can be connected to a computer for storage and analysis data. It can simultaneously detect Explosives and Narcotics / Drugs.

Detecting contraband drugs and explosives as follow:
1. Narcotics / Drugs:

METHAM ( methamphetamine, ice ), MDMA, COCAINE, THC, HEROIN, EDME ( ecgonine ), Ephedrine, AMPHET ( amphetamine ), MDA ( methylene dioxyamphetamine, Ecstasy ), PCP ( angel powder, pentachlorophenol powder ), MORPHINE, LSD (shake feet pill, Lysergic acid diethylamide ), MAM ( acyl morphine, methamphetamine ).

2. Military and commercial explosives / bombs:
TNT, PETN, HMX, TETRYL, NITRO ( Nitrate ), AMNO3 ( Ammonium nitrate ), RDX ( Hexogeon, C4 ), DNT ( Dinitrotoluene ), TATP ( Triaceton triperoxide ),Black powder ( Black gunpowder, Gunpowder ).

It can detect ten kinds of explosives and their mixed explosives which contain their ingredients.


Explosives and narcotics detection modes. It has automatic analysis and proofreading functions, high precision and high sensitivity. Alarm ways: Audible alarm, LCD screen displays the types and names of prohibited explosives and drug substances, visual black bar display position.
It is equipped with a microprocessor. You can choose an alarm mode and can also store data.
ModelST889A detector can trace, identify, detect and find explosives and drugs.

Technical data.
Analysis explosives time: 6 seconds ( normal detection standard ), Analysis drugs / narcotics time: 9 seconds ( normal detection standard ),Sensitivity: 10 pg, it is a very very high sensitivity in the world.  ( ATTENTION, sensitivity change unit: 1 g = 1000 mg, 1 mg = 1000 μg, 1 μg = 1000 ng, 1 ng = 1000 pg, ng > pg, ng = nanogram, pg = picogram ). Detection substance ways: detection air collection, vapor suction and surface wipe way. Signal mode: LCD show and voice alarm.
Power Supply: 12V Ni-MH rechargeable battery, car cigarette lighter and 220V AC. Weight: about 3.45 Kgs. Size: about 450*121*200 mm.

Technical standards:
European CE and EMC international security standard certificates.. 

Explosive Detector - narcotics detector, bomb detector, drug detector Explosive Detector - narcotics detector, bomb detector, drug detector


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